Warm & Fuzzy.

There are a lot of things I really love about my job. I love creating and implementing engaging curriculum. I love using every day moments to teach kids about something greater than themselves. I love reading books out loud to kids and watching the way their eyes light up with every accent I utter. These are all wonderful things, but there are some moments, as stated in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where “there are no words.” These moments are the warm and fuzzy moments.

Today I let my class listen to music through their headphones while working on their Chromebooks (it was a big step of trust for all parties), and they seemed pretty engaged in their work; everyone turned in their biography drafts on time at the end of class. When I told them it was time for them to pack up and go to recess, one of my kids came up to me and said this:

Miss Stewart, this is why I like your class so much — you let us do fun things like listen to music when we work. I listened to some music to calm me down a little bit and it helped me focus. That was really cool.

I felt a smile stretch across my mouth and a warmth deep in my chest.

I adore moments like this; these moments are the best part of this job.

Last week I was working with a student on her biography, and another student came up and pulled on my arm as though he needed something. I quickly turned around and said, “One second, baby,” giving the boy a smile that hinted that he needed to wait until I was finished helping his friend. Before that second could even go by, I felt these tiny arms wrap around my waist and a head pop up under my arm.

He just hugged me and walked away. That was it.

My heart nearly exploded.

Small moments of love and appreciation are so thoughtful and needed in the lives of teachers, and I think kids are the absolute best at bestowing these moments.

Warm and fuzzy, y’all.


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